The red-flag toilet habit that could indicate prostate cancer


EVERYONE’S toilet habits are different but one expert has warned that there is a red-flag that people should be aware of.
Thousands of men are affected by prostate cancer every year and it’s a cancer that develops slowly.
For many people who have prostate cancer, symptoms won’t show up for many years.
One doctor has now warned men to be aware of one red-flag toilet symptom which could mean you have the killer cancer.
Dr Jiri Kubes, medical director of cancer facility the Proton Therapy Center said people need to be educated on the signs.
He said: “If you regularly find yourself waking up late at night with a sudden need to visit the toilet, it could indicate there is something not right with your prostate.
“Another symptom we often see in our patients is difficulty starting to urinate or a weak flow, as well as blood in the urine or in semen.
“The good news is prostate cancer is often treatable if detected early enough, so it is vital men know what to look out for.
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