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MHC is a modern diagnostic and treatment centre focused on men's health, with a particular focus on prostate cancer. We provide for the fast and precise diagnosis of prostate tumours. MHC focuses on disease prevention and encourages men to seek help early. Do not wait for symptoms to appear - contact MHC to detect and prevent serious disease and safeguard your future health.

Mr Peter Holy (PhD)

Mr Holy (PhD) is a urological and paediatric urological specialist with over 20 years of medical and surgical experience. He is a consultant, urologist and urological surgeon at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, UK.

Additionally, Mr Holy is a member of the IKEM and the department of Transplant Surgery in Prague.

Mr Holy uses the safest and most advanced technologies available to treat the urological conditions of his many patients, with a particular focus on prostate disease.

Mr Holy encourages early detection and treatment of prostate disease.

He provides follow-up care and PSA monitoring to patients that previously underwent treatment at the Proton Therapy Centre in Prague.

To arrange a meeting with Mr Holy, please contact MHC.

Expert Urological Assessments and Treatment

Male health problems can become serious if left unchecked.

Mr Holy provides comprehensive preventive assessments, including MRI-guided biopsies, the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer, referrals for advanced Proton Therapy Treatment for prostate cancer, Shockwave Therapy for ED and pelvic pain, the Rezum procedure for managing Prostatic Hypertrophy.

Dr. Holy is highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of men’s urological difficulties, with a particular focus on prostate-related disease.

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